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With a single keyword, you'll get an entire article that is unique, well written, and SEO-friendly. automatically researches and writes entire articles for you without any manual intervention.

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Our AI-powered platform is your go-to content creation tool to quickly generate unique articles that rank well on search engines & reach more readers with just ONE target keyword.

Wait less than 3 minutes uses AI to write a high quality SEO optimized article by comparing the keyword with related topics, researching them and writing the specifics of that topic.

Receive Entire Article will generate an entire article, complete with title, meta description, h1, introduction, and conclusion

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You can export your article in the format of your choice : Word, HTML and even publish on your blog or website.
Connect to any data source, Wordpress, Zapier, Google Doc or API and make it work for your business.

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SEO Optimized Content uses the power of SEOQuantum Content Brief to :

  • Respect the SEO search intent
  • Use the right keywords and semantic field
  • Find the optimal content length

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the article generation limit?

There is currently no limit. Under fair use, a daily limit can be put in place if the system is overloaded. Warning : Violent, hateful, sexual content is forbidden.

Is the content 100% unique ?

Yes ! The language models are trained on all the data on the Internet. The ia uses an aggregate of all available sources to get a general idea of the subject. Then,'s artificial intelligence builds the content word by word.

This process ensures that the content is unduplicated and 100% unique.

How to subscribe to ? is still in beta phase and it is therefore not possible to register for the moment. You can take advantage of free generation (within reason) and give us your feedback

How can I get assistance?

We are here to answer all your questions and help you get the most out of If you need support, contact us at: